U.Protec will move to a new journey, cast new brilliance in 20th 2018 International Security, fire- Company news-U.Protec Apparel Tech Co

U.Protec will move to a new journey, cast new brilliance in 20th 2018 International Security, fire

2018-03-06 16:49:29 Reader:

   The Intersec Exhibition on security, safety protection and fire protection is the largest professional safety product exhibition in the Middle East, It is also the most famous and commercially developed exhibition in the world. The exhibition continues to maintain four aspects: commercial safety and information security, homeland security and security, labor protection and fire rescue. The exhibition is hosted by the Frankfurt exhibition company of Germany. The exhibition is held annually in Dubai in January and 2018 will be the twentieth.









  The 19th Intersec of 2017 attracted 1304 exhibitors from 58 countries and 33501 trade visitors in 129 countries and regions, up 1% and 8% respectively over the previous year. For exhibitors, 13 countries and regions’ exhibitors in the national pavilion mode, and the German International Security Exhibition to host the exhibition as an exhibitor, beside, indoor and outdoor exhibition, high-tech exhibition area, and work safety products exhibition have been broken past records. Top 17 Safety and security products manufacturing in the world all have participated, 83% of exhibitors belong to international exhibitors, 90% of exhibitors said that Intersec will help them establish a new long-term business network. As of April 2017, more than 90% of exhibitors have ordered the 2018 Intersec booth. Viewers, 52% from outside the UAE, the rest are from all over the world!
  In China ,the headline that trying to exploit combustible ice successfully in Shenhu Sea area , explosive growth of natural gas consumption, shale gas entering a new stage of commercial development etc has been quickly swamped by Chinese posts in the transfer of new and old energy . Energy reform in Mexico and the new energy strategy of the EU,UAE”2030 Vision “ all are become the brightest star in world energy sky of 2017.
  It has been the sixth times that U.Protec attended the Dubai exhibition on Jan 2018. In the new historical position, U.Protec’ s current mission is to offer the best solution for the increasing protective garments market demand .
  Girawa said :let us hold the dream .
  By taking the ship of time ,U.Protec has been on a new journey and created a brilliant page in the 20th 2018 Intersec exhibition in Dubai .
  U.Protec Apparel Tech Co., LTD is a high –tech enterprise which includes design ,R&D ,production and sales, focusing on providing the firefighting ,petrochemical ,electrical power ,and metal smelting industries which under high temperature ,flammable and explosive dangerous with professional thermal protective clothes. Professionally providing solution of personal protective garments and other accessories for petrochemical ,firefighting, gas ,electrical power ,metal smelting ,military police ,machinery , aeronautical ,car racing field。
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