Talent Idea-Uprotec

Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and the base of competition. Europtronic Tachi talents for the first resource of the enterprise, to rely on talent as a fundamental prerequisite for enterprise development, to respect talents as the fundamental criterion of enterprise development, to promote the enterprise and employees as the fundamental task of talent strategy and common development. In the practice of human resources activities, u.protec at all kinds of talents to provide a stage to display talent make the best use. At the same time, through various effective ways, we will continuously improve the level of human resource management and the comprehensive quality of talents, promote the mutual development of enterprises and employees, and let employees share the fruits of enterprise development, achieve common development and share success.

First, the best use

U.protec adhering to the "people-oriented" business philosophy, adhere to unite people with broad prospects for development, inspire people with good career goals. Through the establishment of a scientific and effective mechanism of talents, creating favorable environment for the growth of talent, dedicated to each employee to provide a stage to display talent and by creating opportunities for personal development, so all kinds of talents to have success and achieve self value opportunities and platform.

In the use of the people, adhere to the u.protec respect talent, creation concept, not only academic abilities, not only in heavy level, people look at the results, see the ability to see potential. Through the establishment of fair competition mechanism and good cultural environment, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of every employee's initiative and creativity, so that employees love the job and do their best to do the things that their own use.

Two, common development, sharing success

Without the efforts of the employees, there will be no success of the enterprise, the success of the enterprise, and the success of the employees. Let employees and businesses grow together, common development, u.protec is always adhere to the viewpoint of talent development. U.protec encourage staff to their own development and long-term planning together, provide a variety of growth way and development mode for employees. As a staff development, promotion, realize the value of the platform, to create favorable conditions for the growth of u.protec to every employee, every aspiring to staff to provide a broad space for development, so that employees can play the greatest potential, employees and enterprises to achieve common development.

U.protec adhere to equality, love the concept of talent. There is no difference in status between people and people, only the difference of responsibility. The company respects the personality and pursuit of the staff, encourages the staff to improve their abilities and identify the achievements made by the employees. At the same time, adhere to the development on staff development for the employee, and employee share the fruits of development concept, focus on the enterprise and employee advocate the interests of both enterprises and employees of unity and cooperation, work together to create and share value, realize common development between the enterprise and the staff, sharing success and win-win situation.

People oriented -- employees are regarded as the basic force to support enterprises, implement talent strategy, and strive to build a comprehensive and talented team with passion, business and technology, and can manage hardships. Encourage employees to learn to become self-confident and self-confident. We should strengthen staff training and education, and use various wage distribution incentives to enable employees to get a sense of security, a sense of belonging, a sense of achievement and a life economic guarantee from the company, so as to fully mobilize and embody the employees' self life value.

Honesty - good faith should be the basic character of the spirit quality of the company and all employees. Honesty is the foundation of the company's employees, the way of doing things, the way of doing things, managing the enterprise with the spirit of good faith, doing every job and everything of the company. To establish the integrity of the integrity of the corporate image and personal image of the employees.

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